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The best music of a Judgment Day!

In one place

- Hard'n'heavy music of all kinds and of all ages
- "Danger Zone";
- "Rock'n'roller";
- "Brutal Attack";
- "Thrash gordon warm up ";
- "City Night";
- "Heels of Metal";
- "Teutonic Steel";
- "Metal Degenek";
- Your musical requests and suggestions, mandatory part of the Danger Zone repertoire
. . . Because nobody asked for it . . .

Danger Zone crew

For You working and the domain operate your DANGER ZONE fantastic 6 metal armageddon ready crew:

" Demolition Man " (author, editor, DJ and Host of "Danger Zone" & "Rock'n'roller");

" Thrash Gordon " (Conceptual manga of Danger Zone, web administrator and natural gentleman, DJ and Host of "Thrash gordon warm up")!

" Hellraiser " (creator of Danger Zone, server administrator and technical mage);

" Grobknee K.G." (knee administrator, manager, lector, moral support and simple, the lifeblood of Danger Zone);

" Goca Teutonic Child " (marketing manager, DJ and Host of "Heels of Metal" and "Teutonic Steel");

" Degenek " (Host of "Metal Degenek")!

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