The Best Radio of a Judgment Day!

In one place:

Hard’N’Heavy music of all kinds and of all ages

“Danger Zone”


“Brutal Attack”

“Thrash Gordon Show”

“Heels of Metal”

“Metal Degenek”

Your musical requests and suggestions, mandatory part of the Danger Zone repertoire!

. . . Because nobody asked for it . . .

Danger Zone Crew

For you working and the domain operate your DANGER ZONE fantastic 6 metal armageddon ready crew:

” Demolition Man ” (author, editor, DJ and host of “Danger Zone” & “Rock’n’roller”)

” Thrash Gordon ” (conceptual manga of Danger Zone,  natural gentleman, DJ and host of “Thrash Gordon Show”)

” Hellraiser ” (creator of Danger Zone, server administrator and technical mage)

” Grobknee K.G.” (knee administrator, manager, lector, moral support and simple, the lifeblood of Danger Zone)

” Goca Teutonic Child ” (marketing manager, DJ and host of “Heels of Metal”)

” Degenek ” (host of “Metal Degenek”)


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Listen on Online Radio Box! Danger Zone BL